Why Outdoors?

Being outdoors has significant impact on a broad range of areas in our lives. The benefits are extensive, with impacts across a variety of significant areas. Substantial research has been conducted on the value of the outdoors across a variety of domains. From babies, to children and youth and throughout adulthood the outdoors holds benefits for all.

Key Areas Of Focus Are:

Active Lifestyles

Physical literacy

Fundamental movement skills

Lifelong learning

Pathways to sporting success

Easy access to active outdoor recreation

Health Benefits:

Mental health

Physical health


Social networks

Active lifestyles

Education Opportunities

Outdoor education and outdoor learning are similar interrelated areas. Outdoor education



Increased Tourism

Improved environmental Sustainability 

Spending time in the natural environment encourages a connection to place,  and an increased appreciation of nature.

Employment Opportunities

For more information regarding the benefits of the outdoors please see resources.



Walking, Running and Cycling, accounts for 33% of total outdoors recreation by residents aged 15+ in NSW


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