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Established in 1984 as The Outdoor Professionals and later becoming the Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of NSW (ORIC) the organisation has long been recognised as the peak industry body representing the interests of outdoor recreation practitioners and employers in NSW.

ORIC has been an advocate for the participation in led outdoor activities and has liaised with government on key issues affecting access to parks and waterways. A second element of ORIC’s focus had been to advance safety and instruction standards in NSW, which continues to be core to what we do today.


The outdoor community has seen huge growth and diversification in the last 10 years.

  • Outdoor Recreation —> Adventure Tourism

    From those who enjoyed the outdoors for recreational pursuits – individuals and clubs – to those making a living out of running outdoor adventure-based, tourism-related activities. Recently, this has expanded to include nature-based tourism.

  • Outdoor Education

    The growing recognition of the importance of outdoor education in development of our young people has seen a plethora of school-based programs, outdoor education providers and school-based centres.

  • Nature-based Therapy

    The pace and crowding of 21st century life has seen more and more people go into nature to recharge and for refuge leading to the growth of nature or green therapies to support people’s well being.

Along the way ORIC continued to represent members and influence important decisions around access and land management as well as providing input into education guidelines and adventure activity standards.


Due to the above growth, diversification and interconnection, in 2015 ORIC undertook a series of consultations as part of an Evolution of ORIC initiative.

The process explored the purpose, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of ORIC and the outdoor community; discussed issues and trends affecting the outdoor community; and recommended areas of focus in the next 3 years including membership services. This defined our DELIVERY FOCUS, our VALUES, and in 2016 culminated in the renaming and rebranding of the organisation to Outdoors NSW to better reflect who we are today, who we represent and who we serve.

This was reinforced with our new tagline: Advancing Outdoor Experiences


Collaboration – The Environment – Leadership
Life-long Learning – Resilience – Respect



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