Our Goals

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Our Goals

  • To engage the outdoor community on key outdoor regulation and ‘user’ issues in order to improve quality of the industry, product/services and user experience
  • To increase membership and engagement within Outdoors NSW
  • To unite the outdoor community so that it has a stronger voice on issues relevant to its users
  • To promote and increase outdoor experiences

Our Delivery Focus

Outdoors NSW’s delivery focus is in four key areas:

  1. Participation
    Encouraging participation in 4 outdoor pillars – Outdoor Recreation, Education, Nature/Adventure Tourism and Therapy – for the benefit of the individual, community, society and planet
  2. Professional Development
    Providing networking and learning opportunities through workshops, conferences and a Workforce Development Taskforce to improve outdoor employment opportunities
  3. Advocacy
    Advocating to State and Federal Governments, land managers and other agencies on behalf of our members and outdoor community
  4. Standards
    Developing Adventure Activity Standards to provide guidelines for conduct and risk management in the delivery of led outdoor activities – across NSW and nationally


Participation – Professional Development – Advocacy – Standards

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