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NSW Government Partnership

Outdoors NSW is proudly supported by Office of Sport. The Strategic Partnership Program funds specific projects that support the advancement of the outdoor community in NSW.

Our scope for the Financial Year involves professional development, governance training, review of policy and practice in the outdoors, support for industry research, hosting an outdoor community conference, policy development, providing up-to-date information and communication for the NSW outdoor community, and participation in the Federal Training Package Review.

As part of our funding we are charged with continually working to improve the quality of experience of people in the outdoors in NSW by providing leadership, standards and developing the capacity of the outdoor providers.

National Associations

Outdoors NSW is a member of the following organisations:

Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA), an incorporated, NFP association represent organisations and individuals that use outdoor adventure activities for the purpose of:
• Recreation
• Education
• Tourism
• Personal development
• Corporate development

Outdoor Education Australia (OEA), a national network of outdoor education associations, Outdoor Education Australia (OEA) facilitates communication between state and territory outdoor education associations about the practice and delivery of outdoor education; advocates for outdoor education across primary, secondary and tertiary education; and provides policy advice.

The International Camping Fellowship, a worldwide assembly of camping professionals interested in sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to the camping experience.

Asia Oceania Camping Fellowship

Association for Challenge Course Technology

Australian Adventure Activity Standards (Australian AAS)
Outdoors NSW is working with its state counterparts – Outdoors WA, Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation, Recreation SA, Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of NSW and Outdoors Victoria – together with OCA and relevant government agencies in Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory to develop Australian Adventure Activity Standards (Australian AAS) for outdoor operators which will improve community and customer outdoor experiences.

The Australia AAS builds on the NSW Adventure Activity Standards (NSW AAS) – voluntary guidelines that describe industry-recognised minimum standards of practice for a number of specific adventurous activities, for organisations conducting outdoor recreation activities where the participants have a level of dependence on the activity provider.



Being outdoors provides opportunities for experiential learning:
Recreation – changes how people feel
Education – changes how people think
Development – changes how people behave
Redirection – changes how people resist change

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