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“Active Recreation” Express yourself, discover new perspectives, accept opportunities and participate in life’s adventures!

Daniela Falecki 

Applied Positive Psychology in OE – How to bring Seligmans PERMA model into OE

The 4C’s of Mental Toughness applied in OE

Daniela Falecki, B.Ed (Physical Ed & Health), M.Ed (Leadership), is a passionate educator with over twenty years’ experience across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of education. Daniela has experience in both government and independent schools, and has seen first-hand the challenges teachers face. Daniela is committed to providing teachers with evidence-based strategies for optimal functioning through consulting, coaching and training. Read more

Liz Horne

Skills IQ – How to get yourself involved

Hi everyone, Liz Horne here, I have worked in a number of positions in outdoor community over the last 30 years. Working in the outdoors requires an incredible combination of capability, skill, resilience and more often than not a healthy sense of humour. Whether you work in the outdoors for 2 months, 2 years or 20 years you will know the mental, physical and emotion energy it takes to work in the great outdoors. I attribute my tenure in the outdoors to a desire to see people relax in the outdoors, explore and learn something new each day.

Dr Amanda Clacy

UPLOADS National Incident Data So What? Now What?

Dr Amanda Clacy (PhD, Sport Psychology) is a Research Fellow in Sport and Outdoor Recreation. As project manager for the Understanding and Preventing Led Outdoor Accidents Data System (UPLOADS) project, Amanda’s work contributes to improving how incidents are reported, analysed, and prevented in the led outdoors. After completing a PhD on sport-related concussion, Amanda continues to use human factors methods to investigate performance and injuries in both grassroots and elite sport. As an outdoor enthusiast, Amanda appreciates the balance between the seriousness of the risks associated with participating in pulse-raising activities, while also recognising the valuable lessons these experiences offer.

Marie Louise

Workshop: Educate – Experience – Expand
Evolve Yourself® with self awareness

Marie Louise is the Co founder and CEO of Evolve Yourself Institute, author of ‘Discover Worlds Within’ and creator of ‘System of Self’ her passion is education of self awareness and supporting the development of empowered living through using the mind, body, emotions as tools rather than being used by them. EYI education delivers to corporate, nursing, individuals and teachers. Her presentations are engaging, fun and insightful.

Andrew Davis

Career Eportfolios and Elogbooks

Andrew is Course Coordinator of the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation at Wodonga TAFE in Victoria, Australia. He’s been in this position for 8 years. In his role he also teaches many of the core units around outdoor leadership and safety. He instructs in Bushwalking, Skitouring, Canoeing, and Rockclimbing. Andrew believes that we are all healthier, happier people when we get outdoors and better understand, respect and make a connection with our natural environment. In a modern society that is rapidly moving toward modified and controlled environments Andrew gains enormous satisfaction helping people appreciate and connect with the wild and natural. He believes people function better and our planet benefits when we do, therefore it is a cause and a field of employment he is passionate about sharing and developing. He loves the high country, the rivers and mountains of north east Victoria, and lives with his wife and 2 children in Wodonga.

Mark Roach

How to benchmark Duke of Ed ‘Best Practice’ and map pathways to expand their Duke of Ed market share

Mark Roach was a high school teacher for 10 years where he held Year Coordinator and Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Coordinator positions. Leading student groups overseas to India, Nepal and Papua New Guinea he realised the potential the Duke of Ed program had to offer. In his free time Mark had always enjoyed canyoning and camping so when he saw an opportunity to work in the NSW Duke of Ed Office full time he grabbed it. Now he develops and supports the Award in over 430 organisations across NSW and is a passionate advocate for the transformative effect that the Duke of Ed can have on young people.

Dr Amanda Lloyd

Bush Kinder – How to create a Nature Play site for 3-10 year olds

Dr Amanda Lloyd is an experienced Primary School teacher with 15 years experience in the classroom and in leadership roles. Beyond the school level Amanda is actively involved in environmental education networks. She is the founder of the Nature Educators Network Australia (NENA) for the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE). Amanda has presented at numerous state, national and international conferences. She has published articles in academic journals, teacher magazines and been featured on television. Amanda has completed study tours to England and Denmark to research international best outdoor practice.

Penny Sadubin

Penny’s skills evolved from her University Fine Art degree and practice to encompass community arts, creative workshop facilitation and education. During the 17 years that Penny lived in London, she studied Garden Design and ran her own landscape consultancy business as well as working as an artist. The experience of becoming a mother sparked Penny’s interest in how children learn and experience the world around them. It prompted further study as a Forest School practitioner which allowed her to branch out into sharing the love of the outdoor world with her children in creative outdoor sessions. Penny now combines many years of experience to offer consultation and design for nature play inspired landscapes, school environments, hands-on learning sessions, community workshops for people of all ages and the development of a creative expression of our common connection to the natural world.

Amy Heague and Kerryann Hayes

Women Creating Change Via Adventure

Amy Heague and Kerryann Hayes are the co-founders of Travel Play Live Womens Adventure Lifestyle Magazine
A multi faceted publishing, content, events and marketing company which operates various platforms within the women’s adventure, travel and tourism space. With a fresh perspective on publishing, the girls put community at the heart of their message.
Travel Play Live Magazine is Australia’s only adventure lifestyle magazine for women.
It’s mission is to build, empower & inspire a healthy, active community of women from all walks of life with a passion to dream big, challenge themselves & expand their horizons no matter what their preferred choice of “adventure”.
We believe that women of all body shapes, sizes fitness levels and age can embrace their desire to live a full and abundant life.
We showcase intelligent informative empowering content that inspires women to choose to live life and embrace her inner wild.
We are active
We are for wellness
We are for championing every woman

Dylan Jones

Employment: rights and responsibilities. A workshop for employers and employees alike who would like to know more about the finer points of the law.

Lynne Thomas

What is the cultural significance of sites on Gulaga mountain (Mount Dromedary)? It is a spiritually special place to our people here on the south coast and a place I have been sharing as a teaching tool for reconciliation and recognition to Australias deep Aboriginal coulture since time began. Well thats what my ancient elders have passed on to my parents, kinship families and to me so that I can share it with you.

Melenie Ross

Workshop: Explore a risk management framework focussing on maximising opportunities to achieve outcomes 

Melenie Ross is an experienced adult educator with over 20 years in the vocational sector. Her expertise in the field includes adult literacy and numeracy, technical trade training, and safety systems from both instructional and development perspectives. Melenie’s most recent work focuses on the management of work health and safety professionalisation within a large government organisation, including analysis and training development across a variety of delivery mediums. Melenie has extensive experience in safety risk management from planning to implementation as a result of her service in the Australian Defence Force. Her passion for safety risk management in the vocational learning environment has lead to embarking on PhD research analysing the relationship between graduate outcomes and the workplace in safety dependent vocations. Initial findings reveal the need for authentic learner experience, centred on learning ‘safety’ whilst learning ‘safely’.

Georgie Cockram 

Workshop: Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best Explore an innovative operations centre.

Georgie is the Leader Recruitment Manager at World Challenge. She started at World Challenge as an assistant (to the Indian Himalayas), while still studying her outdoor recreation diploma, and went on to lead 5 expeditions (Vietnam, Borneo (twice!), Tanzania & South Africa & Lesotho), while working in the Leader Management Team. Over the past 3 years, Georgie has worked in the World Challenge Operations Centre as an Incident Response Manager & Incident Coordination Manager & loved every minute of it. She is looking forward to the next Operations Centre season starting in November!

Louise Wark (B.A., B. Teach, M. Ed.)

Workshop:  New Ways of Seeing Play in the Classroom with a focus on Nature Play

Louise was born in Sydney and grew up with hours of self-directed play, outside in the wilds of a big backyard. After beginning her teaching career in Australia, Louise moved to the city-state of Singapore to teach at primary level in international schools. Throughout her career, Louise has seen the important role that nature plays in our children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. She has returned to Australia with two young children of her own, and currently facilitates play events for communities. She writes a blog about self-directed play in nature (

Sandrine Gaymard and Frederic Galimard

Workshop: High Ropes Adventures: Wellbeing and Health

Sandrine Gaymard and Frederic Galimard formed Ecoline with a desire to develop exciting projects whilst protecting the environment, participating in the local community’s well-being and fostering educational experiences of the natural environment. They take pride in being innovators, and, by using the best technology, they design adventures where even toddlers can enjoy an exhilarating treetop experience in total safety.