New Affiliate Members Form

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Outdoors NSW Membership Form

Please complete the fields below. If you have any queries while filling out this form, please phone Outdoors NSW office on 0407 411 566.

Your Membership application will be considered by the Management Committee at their next meeting.  Outdoors NSW Management Committee meetings are typically held every 4-6 weeks.  Prior to this meeting, each new Membership Application will contacted by an Outdoors NSW Committee member for introduction prior to the Board Meeting.

Thank you for your Membership Application

Outdoors NSW welcomes membership applications from organisations and individuals involved in the outdoor industry. By becoming a member of Outdoors NSW, you will be opening your organisations to the benefits of affiliation with your state peak body.

Member organisations will be asked to nominate one delegate to represent that member’s interests, including the right to vote and additional contacts may be provided to Outdoors NSW for the purposes of receiving communications and newsletters from Outdoors NSW.


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