What Is It?

Nature-based therapy increases personal health and well-being benefits, it referred to as bush therapy, adventure therapy and ecopsychology. It encourages people to get outdoors for their physical health, mental health and societal health.

It commonly combines comprehensive therapeutic and ethical frameworks with elements of nature contact, small group work and healthy adventure that are often connected to or integrated within the landscapes of people’s lives. These interventions are typically individually chosen and tailored to the specific needs of individuals and groups.

Examples Of Nature Therapy:

·       Horticulture therapy

·       Forest bathing

·       Animal-assisted therapy

·       Nature meditation, yoga

·       Physical exercise in a natural environment

Benefits Of Nature Therapy:

·       Personal development

·       Development of interpersonal skills

·       Promotes physical activity

·       Encourages self-reflection

·       Encourages social connection

·       Assists mental health e.g. anxiety

Outdoors NSW Role In Nature Therapy

At Outdoors NSW we work with nature therapy providers to ensure they have access to up to date information.

We provide invaluable resources and practical support for members in this are, as leaders of the Adventure Activity Safety Guidelines (AAS) in NSW. 


53 Million number of times NSW residents aged 15+ participated in nature based outdoors recreation in NSW in 2018.

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