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The Economic Contribution of Australia’s Nature Based Outdoor Recreation Sector

Nature-based outdoor recreation activities form a major part of the Australian lifestyle. The benefits of participation in these activities are far-reaching and significant. However, up until now, these benefits have been largely unknown.

New research has now established preliminary estimates regarding the important economic contributions of this sector in order to support the identification of skills and training needs for the future workforce. To learn more visit SKILLSIQ

Outdoor Education Australia Digital Library

The OEA Digital Library is a growing collection of resources compiled for the benefit of outdoor educators — or those studying to be outdoor educators — who are members of an association affiliated with Outdoor Education Australia. To learn more visit OEA

Australian Curriculum

The outdoor learning connection provides a framework for students to experience guided, integrated learning across the curriculum in natural environments. Students have the opportunity to gain unique and specific benefits from outdoor learning. They develop skills and understandings while valuing a positive relationship with natural environments and promoting the sustainable use of these environments NSW monitors research publications to bring relevant information to the outdoor community to improve practice. To learn more visit Australian Curriculum

The Uploads Project

The latest infographic from the UPLOADS Team demonstrates that incidents reported to UPLOADS differ regarding activity type, incident type, and incident severity as a function of organisation size.
To learn more visit uploadsproject.org

Sport Aus –  AusPlay Reports

AusPlay provides data on the most popular participation sports and activities in Australia and who is participating in them. To learn more visit AUSPLAY

Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education – JOEE

The journal provides an academic forum in which empirical and non-empirical research concerning outdoor and environmental education can be shared and discussed. The primary aim of the journal is to positively influence the development of outdoor and environmental education practice and theory both in Australia and across the world. To learn more visit SPRINGER

Commercial recreation and tour operators – Parks Eco Pass

Parks Eco Pass is the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service system for licensing operators of commercial tours, recreational and educational activities in parks.

The Parks Eco Pass system streamlines licensing and creates consistency in this process in national parks across New South Wales. It offers:

  • one licence (obtained through one application) that allows your business to operate all your licensed activities, in more than one park
  • a single fee structure for the whole state
  • the ability to transfer your licence if you sell the business (for 3 and 10 year licensed operators)
  • licence terms of up to 10 years
  • a dedicated team and key contact point
  • a streamlined application process.

To learn more visit Environment NSW

NSW Nature Based Economy (Marsden and Jacobs report) 

View report here



Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAS)

Outdoors NSW is excited to be a member of the Steering Committee for the creation of Australian Adventure Activity Standards. The project is supported by CASRO, State and Territory Governments and the outdoor community in Australia.

The AAS for 21 activities will be developed over a three year period. The process is underway and includes extensive consultation with the outdoor community in Australia.

The new Australian AAS will provide a best practice framework for safe and responsible planning and delivery of a wide range of outdoor adventure activities throughout Australia.

This new national approach will make it easier for activity providers to operate in multiple jurisdictions, improve professional portability, and raise safety standards for participants.

As part of this initiative NSW’s 10 AAS have been streamlined and combined into the 22 Australian Activity Standards which will improve community and customer outdoor experiences.

These standards will be freely available here for reference and download once available.

NSW AAS will remain current until such time as the Australian AAS for that activity is finalised.

Current Standards available here AUS AAS for reference 


For what a great outdoors we have! From our legendary Snowy Mountains to the Pacific playground that is our coastline, from our western plains to our stately national parks – all 780 of them covering 8% of our 809,444km2 region.

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