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Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAS).

Outdoors NSW is excited to be a member of the Steering Committee for the creation of Australian Adventure Activity Standards. The project is supported by CASRO, State and Territory Governments and the outdoor community in Australia.

The AAS for 21 activities will be developed over a three year period. The process is underway and includes extensive consultation with the outdoor community in Australia.

The new Australian AAS will provide a best practice framework for safe and responsible planning and delivery of a wide range of outdoor adventure activities throughout Australia.

This new national approach will make it easier for activity providers to operate in multiple jurisdictions, improve professional portability, and raise safety standards for participants.

As part of this initiative NSW’s 10 AAS have been streamlined and combined into the 22 Australian Activity Standards which will improve community and customer outdoor experiences.

These standards will be freely available here for reference and download once available.

NSW AAS will remain current until such time as the Australian AAS for that activity is finalised.

About NSW Adventure Activity Standards (AAS)

NSW Adventure Activity Standards for the following adventure activities can be downloaded from the links below:

The NSW Adventure Activity Standards (NSW AAS) are voluntary guidelines that describe industry-recognised minimum standards of practice for a number of specific adventurous activities, for organisations conducting outdoor recreation, education, tourism or therapy activities where the participants have a level of dependence on the activity provider.

They have been developed to assist organisations (commercial and voluntary), leaders and guides to plan and conduct an outdoor activity in a manner that is safe for both participants and providers. They may also be a useful reference for any in-formal group or individual undertaking the activities they describe.

The NSW AAS provide for those who lead and participate in group-based activities to be appropriately informed of the responsibilities, duty of care and legal expectations they accept. In conducting activities, organisations and leaders know what is expected of them and help to ensure the appropriate duty of care required for self, others and the environment is afforded.

The AAS are NOT statutory standards by law. They are guidelines for risk management in the operation of organised outdoor activities, and provide a framework and a checklist for outdoor activity providers to devise their own individual risk management programmes and strategies.

The NSW AAS expects activities to be conducted in a manner appropriate to the specific organisation, the participants being led and the nature of the activity being undertaken. They provide clarity on risk management and environmentally sustainable practices for the outdoor recreation education, tourism and therapy community, and provide a common benchmark for providers, as well as enabling new organisations to be informed, and help build consistent practices across the commercial and not-for-profit sector.


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