Australian AAS news update summary

Overview – This draft news summary lists the latest released news (with links) for use.


Australian AAS News Summary for Sept 2019

There has been lots of Australian Adventure Activity Standard (Australian AAS) project news recently. Below is a summary of all the key news:

Call for nominations for members of 4 new technical working groups

The Australian AAS Steering Committee is now seeking nominations to be members of 4 separate Technical Working Groups (TWG) to draft ‘Good Practice Guides’ for:

  • Angling – more information here [link: ]
  • Caving – more information here [link: ]
  • Sea kayaking – more information here [link: ]
  • Snorkelling – more information here [link: ]

Nominations are being sought from people with broad expertise and experience in any of these activities. Experience in leadership of the particular activity with dependent participants is essential.

Nominations close 15 Oct 2018 (9.00am AEDT).

Inland Water Paddle-Craft ‘good practice guide’ released for public comment

The draft Good Practice Guide (GPG) for ‘Inland Water Paddle-Craft’ has been released for public comment. Members of the outdoors community can download the draft and have their say by visiting [link: ]

Feedback submissions close on the 15 Oct 2018 (9.00am AEDT).

Project extension until Sept 2019

Thanks to the fantastic support of all the State and Territory Governments through their ‘Sport and Recreation’ Departments the project has been extended until September 2019. To see the project plan summary for2018 – 2019 go to this news post. [link: ]

Revised presentation of the Australian AAS

In response to feedback received a revised presentation of the AAS has been adopted. Details can be found in

Pre-release of completed documents

There will be a ‘pre-release’ of finished documents prior to the ‘official release’. This will help people time to check their current systems before the new standard and good practice guides are adopted.

Details can be found in the bottom section of this news post. [link: ]



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