The outdoors community of New South Wales now has a new home, a new name, a new look  and expanded scope with the launch of Outdoors NSW :

The Outdoor Recreation Industry Council (ORIC) has launched its new name Outdoors NSW and website at

Much broader than recreation and more inclusive than a Council, the new online-hub will foster more effective communication and engagement for members, stakeholders and the NSW community.

More than being a vehicle to promote and safeguard our interests, Outdoors NSW is a conduit to an industry that is maturing, multi-faceted and inclusive.

“With the growth of our cities, the demands of modern society and 24/7 technology we need the outdoors more than ever.  I am excited about where Outdoors NSW is at and the opportunities that lie ahead” the incoming President, Mr Martin Burney said.

Outdoors NSW is about advancing outdoor experiences.

NSW has a strong heritage in providing national parks for the people, and our advocacy for access has been for individuals, commercial operators and organisations such as Clubs, Scouts, guides and even The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

“We’ve been at the forefront of helping Outdoor Recreation providers come together, network, share, learn and grow.  We’ve been a huge proponent of Outdoor Education —using the outdoors as a learning vehicle to aid personal, social and community development — and encouraging more and more schools to provide OE opportunities for their students” he said.

With more and more operators entering the outdoor market and many ventures becoming commercialised Outdoors NSW plays a vital role in improved safety and quality for participants and the reputation of the industry.

“We are welcoming Tourism operators as part of our mix as they showcase Outdoors NSW and are part of our fabric.  Likewise those innovating in the outdoors, providing positive health benefits to people and honouring our treasured natural assets. The outdoors is a panacea to many of the challenges of the modern world, providing release, inspiration, and a host of other elemental benefits which is why we’ve seen the emergence of Nature-based or Bush Therapy Providers”.

Which is why – more than ever –Outdoors NSW is Advancing Outdoor Experiences.

  • Through better standards and quality,
  • Through greater collaboration,
  • Through innovation of outdoor experiences, and
  • Through promoting outdoor experiences as a healthy and positive lifestyle pursuit.

That tenet remains. However our name has changed….Outdoors NSW

Under the leadership of Martin Burney as President, Outdoors NSW is embarking upon an exciting new phase of growth and development. The Management Committee will be responsible for navigating Outdoors NSW through a rapidly changing professional and regulatory environment that will require proactive and strategic stakeholder engagement to foster constructive dialogues.

“People have lots of choice when it comes to enjoying the outdoors: as participants, as providers, as educators or industry partners.  The Management Committee of Outdoors NSW is very focused on making sure that outdoor recreation stands out as a compelling and positive option for communities and government.” Mr Burney said.

Together there is a great deal Outdoors NSW will be able to accomplish to ensure members and the outdoor community are well served.  We should not undersell what a truly unique industry we are, and the significant and tangible difference we are making in the lives of so many people in NSW.

Take the opportunity to read the incoming President’s Welcome Letter.